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As one of the largest and most successful bariatric surgery centers in Texas, we have performed over 7,000 bariatric surgeries.

Texas Bariatric Specialists
Over 7,000 Successful Bariatric Surgery Patients

Founded by Dr. Nilesh A. Patel, MD, FACS, Texas Bariatric Specialists (TBS) is a holistic weight loss practice focused on delivering long-term weight loss solutions. TBS provides customized programs to help patients successfully lose weight, reclaim their health, and live longer, happier lives.

Texas Bariatric Specialists is not just a bariatric surgery center, it is a long-term partner for good health, and is committed to its patients for life.

As one of the largest and most successful weight loss centers in Texas, TBS has performed over 7,000 weight loss surgeries which have exceeded the average national outcomes for successful weight loss management.

These surgeries include gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, stomach intestinal pylorus-sparing surgery (SIPS), and Lapband procedures.

With convenient locations throughout Texas, including San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, New Braunfels, Killeen, and Del Rio, Dr. Patel and his team are readily available to provide support and guidance through surgical and non-surgical programs.

Patients appreciate the practice’s surgical expertise, years of experience, and pre- and post-surgery compassionate care.

For more information about our programs, and to meet Dr. Patel or to discuss your weight loss needs, please Schedule a Consultation or call (866) 922-3060 today.

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