3 Prerequisites for Successful Weight Loss

Can weight loss be fun, pleasurable, natural and even easy? Yes. Many clients, patients and readers using my methods have said so. But there’s a catch. I screen my clients, and I make sure they meet the prerequisites before I’ll work with them. In my book, I make sure readers know about them.

Since 1985 I have been helping people solve their weight problems with a therapeutic method I developed as a behavioral therapist. As a clinical counselor, I specialized in tough habitual behavior and addictions, and I put my clinical training to work on obesity, solving my own problem first. I lost 140 pounds after 25 years of dieting failure, and I’ve maintained my ideal body weight since then, for almost 30 years.

Soon after discovering the method, I started training others. I’ve been very successful helping chronically overweight people lose weight permanently, and I am convinced that anyone can succeed with permanent weight loss. However, there is a big but. Before you can expect to be able to solve your weight problem, there are several prerequisites that must be met.

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