Bariatric Surgery in San Antonio

Why Bariatric Surgery with Texas Bariatric Specialists?

If you’re considering bariatric surgery then most likely you’ve been on many diets without success. Losing weight can be a difficult process. For most people it involves drastic changes in eating habits and physical activity. This is even more difficult in a city like San Antonio. San Antonio has a very high percentage of obese adults, around 30% of the adult population. Now you see why bariatric surgery in San Antonio is on the rise. We want you to know there is hope. While bariatric surgery might not be for everyone, many have had great success.

Texas Bariatric Specialists is a clinic created around a multi-modal approach to weight loss. We not only focus on your bariatric surgery options, we also focus on the psychological aspects of weight loss and provide you with nutrition experts. You’ll have access to the best nutritional supplements and local San Antonio bariatric surgery support groups. An expertly designed support system is a must if your weight loss is to be long term. Dr. Nilesh Patel, the founder of Texas Bariatric Specialists, is committed to your success.


Dr. Patel is fellowship trained and has performed over 7,000 bariatric surgery procedures.

He’s become a dedicated supporter of laparoscopic minimally invasive procedures to help his patients lose weight with shorter hospital stays and faster recovery times. The support system created by Dr. Patel is built for your local San Antonio lifestyle. He understands the challenges of weight loss in San Antonio. His approach is community based and he welcomes you, your friends and relatives to find out more information about weight loss in general and bariatric surgery available to San Antonio residents.

Our office is located in the Huebner area of San Antonio. We’re close to major highways and have many free seminar options available for you.

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