Bariatric Surgery Testimonials *

After succesfully treating over 4,000 patients we have many Bariatric Surgery Testimonials – here are just a few:

Jennifer O.

My first impression of Dr. Patel was that he is VERY dedicated to his practice. He seemed to be very passionate about helping obese people and I valued that in his seminar. My impressions haven’t changed, he has proved that he cares deeply about what he is doing and I feel he is making a difference. He and his staff are knowledgeable and very friendly and helpful. They explained in detail all the risks of surgery and showed utmost compassion whenever they gave me instructions. My experience was awesome, I wouldn’t have wanted any other surgeon or staff.

Amor G

My first impression of Dr Patel, was that he was the best Surgeon for me. He was up front and to the point (exactly what I need) his office and staff are great and I have referred to patients to him already! I would recommend his to anyone in Texas who was interested in the surgery.

LuAnn J.
San Antonio, TX

This surgery was the second time I have had GBS. the first time was 12 years ago and ilost all the weight and kept it off for 10 years. then I started to gain the weight back. Dr. Patel is VERY knowledgeable and is one of the few doctors that do repairs AND he does it laparoscopically. I was and am very impressed with him and the success I have had so far. the office staff is okay…some better than others. Aftercare seems to be more on my shoulders. If I call they try to help, but seem to be overloaded.

Melissa B.
Jasper, TX

Doctor Patel is a wonderful and pleasant surgeon. The first time that I meet him I felt so comfortable and when I saw him in person and he consulted with me, he gave me all the hope in the world and I am going through the three weeks diet and I so excited about my surgery now and I recommend anybody who is having any trouble with any insurance approvals to contact his office. It is worth the time and effort.

Vicki V.
Corpus Christi, TX

Initially I called to sign up for a seminar. I was very surprised that Dr. Patel personally called me back and answered my questions. After the seminar he took the time to meet with me one-on-one and answer my questions. Dr. Patel’s staff has been great during my pre-op period. They are easy to get on the phone and eager to answer any questions. They know what they are doing and how to handle all the insurance details. So far, I’ve been very impressed. You could not choose a better surgeon for your weight loss surgery than Dr. Patel. He has a first rate staff that is always available. Dr. Patel even gives his home phone number to his patients and encourages them to call him directly. His personal follow-up after I came home was extraordinary.

Jennifer O.

My first impression of Dr. Patel was that he is VERY dedicated to his practice. He seemed to be very passionate about helping obese people and I valued that in his seminar. My impressions haven’t changed, he has proved that he cares deeply about what he is doing and I feel he is making a difference. He and his staff are knowledgeable and very friendly and helpful. They explained in detail all the risks of surgery and showed utmost compassion whenever they gave me instructions. My experience was awesome, I wouldn’t have wanted any other surgeon or staff.

Sara H.
San Antonio, TX

I started out by going to one of the many seminars they had at INNOVA, sat through the entire thing and was just incredibly impressed with the hospital and the presentation that was given. I was already comfortable with Dr. Patel doing my surgery before I even personally spoke to him. The same day of the seminar, we filled out papers, had our first pre-op appointment and spoke to Dr. Patel. He decided that day he thought that the surgery was a good choice for me (of course I decided, he just gave his input on what the medical standpoint would be) and scheduled a follow-up appointment the same day. I did [not] feel pressured into anything, he and his staff were amazing. I previously had tried to get the surgery through another hospital and it had taken me 2 years and nothing happened! After making the decision to [go with] Dr. Patel, it was only a few months before my surgery was scheduled. It would have been sooner, but we had a lot of problems with my insurance. Throughout the time of the seminar, to the time of the surgery (and now) Dr. Patel was always available; he gives his patients his personal e-mail and he usually responds within minutes! Would I recommend him? – In a heartbeat.

Sara H.
San Antonio, TX

My first impression of Dr. Patel was that he was a very Knowledgeable and personable doctor. From day one I felt really comfortable with Dr. Patel, and that’s a positive in my book. I hold Dr. Patel in the utmost esteem. Dr. Patel has the world’s finest staff and recovery facility I have ever seen. The Clinic, if you can call it that, as it looks more like a hospital, was clean and very modern. Any concerns I had with financing were addressed, and the staff at Innova handled insurance filing. Blue Cross Blue Shield approved my case just a few days after my request was submitted. I was so excited to finally get the operation done. Blue Cross Blue Shield covered the operation at 100%. I paid $100 total and any small-related bills that rolled in later. The Post-OP treatment was of the highest caliber; no need or concern went unanswered. Words cannot describe how truly indebted I am to Dr. Patel and his staff.

Dolores C.
Austin, TX

Dr. Patel is very direct and thorough and explained all the risks for me associated with this surgery because of my medical conditions. I originally planned to have my surgery in Austin and also attended a seminar with another surgery group in SA, TX. However, once I attended the seminar and met with Dr. Patel, traveling to San Antonio is not a problem for me. Dr. Patel was great and immediately responded to my questions via e-mail. I was approved immediately by BC/BS Federal. His staff is great and very professional. I completed a sleep study, stress test and a great deal of lab work with my doctor in Austin and have been scheduled for surgery 09/20/06. I am now on my two-week liquid protein drink diet. I’m beginning to feel a little scared but I really feel I’m in good hands with Dr. Patel. There is absolutely nothing that I did not like about this surgeon or his staff…..10/03/06 I’m now thirteen days post-op and doing very well. I cannot express how great I think Dr. Patel is. He is one of the most caring and diligent doctors I’ve met and certainly the most capable. His surgery staff is very attentive to all your needs. These people seem to do their job for the love of what they do.

Deborah E.
Leander, TX

Dr. Patel was very charismatic, knowledgeable and confident. I left the hospital with the same impression. His staff is amazing! I wish that I could have seen him a little more, but he is very busy. He is very emphatic about his after care procedures and makes himself available at all times. I originally wanted the lap band surgery, but he convinced me that the RNY was more suitable for me. Overall I appreciated his knowledge and expertise. His surgical competence is above all in my humble opinion. Everything about him is professional. In my personal experience I have no regrets. My pain seems to be less than most I have read about. Realizing every one is different, I can only speak for myself. I enjoyed my hospital stay overall and highly recommend Dr. Patel and his staff!

Peggy L.
San Antonio, TX

Dr Patel is such a wonderful physician. From the very beginning he was very knowledgeable about his center. He answered all my questions and his staff was just excellent. Dr Patel has great bedside manners and he made me feel good when he came by for visits. He is superb in his follow-up care. If I had any friends that needed surgery I would definitely refer them to Dr. Patel. I have never had such good bedside manners before. If I ever got sick I would want Dr. Patel and his staff to take care of me. He is such a great person who could ask for anything more.

Ryan M.
San Marcos, TX

When I first met Dr. Patel, he was just so nice, and seemed to be really interested in my individual situation. He was positive about doing surgery on me, and quickly identified with my personality. He makes me feel like I am the most important patient every time I speak with him. He gives me advice on things I never thought I would share with my surgeon. He is simply amazing, and I would tell anyone and everyone looking to have their surgery in Texas to go to him. He is great! On a scale of 1-10 I would give Dr. Patel a 100! he is simply the best!

Norma M.
San Antonio, TX

My first impression of Dr. Patel was that he was really eager to help. He seem to be a very compassionate person. As I got to know him, he answered every question that I had without fail. His staff were always very helpful, answering any questions that I had, faxing paperwork for my employer so quickly and happily. I would recommend both Dr. Cavazos and Dr. Patel as they gave me a lot of hope and re-assurance as the months passed.

Joe S.
San Antonio, TX

I met Dr Patel today for the first time in person. He really broke it down for me in a pro/con discussion. Although i am very nervous about the procedure i do believe that he is probably the most sincere surgeon i have ever met. I left his office today feeling like i was important. Truly important as a person, and that he wanted nothing more than for me to be healthy and happy. What a concept. Someone who really cares about the last minority, the obese person.

Creasa E.
Castroville, TX

I haven’t met him face to face yet but have talked with him on the phone a couple of times and so far, I am very impressed! He’s so helpful and doesn’t mind questions at all! I have my first appointment with him on 02/14/06 and really am not worried. When picking a doctor it’s very important to me for them to have a great relationship with their patients and seem to generally care. I’ve had enough surgeries to know that I don’t want a doctor that will do a surgery and walk out and hardly spend 2 minutes with you. I don’t think Dr. Patel will be that way at all. He seems like a wonderful doctor and I can’t wait to meet him!

Vicki G.
Converse, TX

I met Dr. Patel in person today. I’ve talked with him on the phone and exchanged several e-mails with him. I liked him. He had a very good presentation he gave before I had my one on one consultation. I had my consultation with the nutritionist there also. I liked her a lot. Dr. Patel seems to be very caring and very concerned with giving his patients the best of care. I had made an appointment with another surgeon for a consultation but I’m going to cancel it after meeting and talking with Dr. Patel.


Dr. Patel was a member of the team at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh that changed my life when I had my Roux-en-Y in 2003. I can’t say enough about how wonderful Dr. Patel is. His bedside manner is great; he doesn’t sound like a medical dictionary. He paints a very realistic picture of everything and is truly dedicated to the long-term success of his patients. I’ve never been afraid or embarrassed to approach him with questions because I know that he’ll take my concerns seriously and address them appropriately. I would strongly encourage anyone considering bariatric surgery to consult with Dr. Patel. While he is an incredibly adept surgeon, he doesn’t stop at possessing just technical knowledge. He makes sure he’s up-to-date with all issues involved with bariatric…

Sharon *
Pittsburgh, PA

My name is Sharon P. from Pittsburgh, PA I would just like to say a few things about my surgeon, Nilesh A. Patel, he is the most wonderful surgeon in the whole world. I had my surgery in 9/2005 and since then he has moved on to Texas from Pittsburgh to establish is own practice, although we will miss him dearly here in the burgh, Texas just received one of the most outstanding bariatric surgeons ever. His bedside manner is outstanding and his follow up care is superb. Dr. Colellas group lost a great asset.

Theresa O.
Pittsburgh, PA

Dr. Patel and his staff were the absolute best. I didn’t feel like just another number or a paycheck. I was a person that had a previous surgery that was giving me trouble. He explained everything and got me in for my scope unbelievable fast. He diagnosed the problem and put my mind at ease that I was not a failure, that my surgery failed me. He is wonderful. I would recommend him and HAVE to many.

Darlene S.
Masontown, PA

Dr. Patel is very encouraging and supportive. He seems to care very much about the person/patient and about the procedure and it’s ability to help obese people. He is the partner of Dr. Colella who was my choice of surgeon’s based on mostly internet research and then feeling very good about him after my first consultation. I didn’t know about Dr. Patel until I met him right before surgery while I was waiting in pre-op. That made me a bit nervous but it was to late to change my mind at that point. They recently started a monthly support group which I think was overdue and their office staff is great. I am not very happy about not being able to reach them over the phone very easily post-op. You have to leave a message and wait for a return call. I survived the surgery with…

Joe C.
Masontown, PA

Dr Patel was not my original surgeon but I first met him when I landed in the hospital with an acute bowel obstruction. Dr P was in the final stages of his residency at the time. His care was nothing short of outstanding!!! Dr Patel is now a full fledged partner of Dr Colella. He is instrumental in managing my follow up care. Dr Patel combines the best of surgical skill, compassion & dedication!



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