After Failed Weight Loss Attempts, Isaac Has Bariatric Surgery in San Antonio

February 27, 2017

After multiple failed weight loss attempts over the years Isaac finally hit his limit at the end of 2015. “I could not walk, stand or carry my then 2 year old for more than five minutes!” He also became embarrassed that he was often told by people that he needed to stay home when they […]

Lifelong Dieter Has RNY Bariatric Surgery In San Antonio

January 30, 2017

Buddy started experiencing health problems due to his weight when he was in his 40s, but that was after he had already spent most of his life overweight. He began dieting when he was in his teens and tried so many different diets and programs over the years in order to lose weight but was […]

Bariatric Surgery in San Antonio Allows Woman To Return to Work

January 17, 2017

Mrs. Wilson, Jackie as she likes to be called, came to TBS in 2015 in hopes of having a revision of her Lap Band, which was not yielding any significant weight loss or changes of her co-morbid conditions. She had her Lap Band placed in 2010 and weighed 257 pounds. For her bariatric surgery in […]

Bariatric Surgery Helps Austin Woman With Multiple Medical Conditions

December 10, 2013

Austin, TX, November 25th, 2013 – Kim decided to look into getting a bariatric surgery to help control her multiple medical conditions that occurred and worsened from being over-weight. She struggled every day to keep up with the many pills used to control her high blood pressure, painful heart burn, diabetes, high cholesterol, obstructive sleep […]