Reward yourself!

March 5, 2013

Reward yourself often for small achievements. Make your rewards non-food related. Take a walk in a beautiful park. Window shop with a friend or celebrate by buying a fancy water bottle or new running shoes. Fit Coach @ BodyMedia

Excercise for a better Mood

October 17, 2012

If you’re feeling down, consider going for a walk, bike ride, or doing some kind of physical activity. Research shows that exercise has the ability to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression while boosting self-esteem and improving sleep. For mild to moderate depression, exercise is often an underused treatment option. Exercise is not a cure all, […]

Sweet and Spicy Pecans

October 16, 2012

Pecans are a healthy, whole food treat. And these spicy treats are the perfect healthy substitute when you need a little something sweet. View Recipe

Workout Tips for Obese People

October 15, 2012

Obesity refers to excess body fat amounts as determined by the body mass index, or BMI, according to Obesity increases the chances of several serious health conditions, including diabetes and high blood pressure. Working out helps you burn calories, which aids in weight loss when combined with a healthy diet. Read Full Article

Smart Tips for Weight Loss Surgery Patients During the Holidays

October 14, 2012

The holiday season, December to New Year’s, may not be a celebratory time for many people. The inability to control cravings in a sea of comfort food like turkey, pumpkin pie, and eggnog usually leads to overeating and a few gained pounds. However, there are some ways to maintain goals and keep the ‘holiday weight’ […]

Health, Social Life Improve After Weight-Loss Surgery

October 13, 2012

Weight-loss surgery to treat obesity not only improves people’s health, but also benefits their relationships and social lives, a new study finds. Researchers from Arizona State University questioned more than 200 adults who underwent weight-loss surgery about their surgical results as well as why they wanted the operation in the first place. The patients, who […]

High-Sugar, High-Salt Intake Creates 'A Ticking Time Bomb Of Health Problems'

October 12, 2012

The fat- and sugar-rich Western diet leads to a lifetime of health problems, dramatically increasing the risk of stroke or death at a younger age, according to a study presented today at the Canadian Stroke Congress. Researchers found that a high-calorie, high-sugar, high-sodium diet nicknamed the ‘cafeteria diet’ induced most symptoms of metabolic syndrome – […]

Making Vegan a New Normal

October 11, 2012

IT was a warm California evening in the city of West Hollywood, and Kathy Freston was sipping a martini. “Just because you’re a vegan doesn’t mean you don’t want to have fun,” she said, sitting in a booth at a restaurant called Craig’s. “I’m a decadent gal. I want to drink. I want to feel […]

Trimming down on "waist"

October 10, 2012

Did you know that if you carry fat mainly around your waist, you are more likely to develop health problems than if you carry fat mainly in your hips and thighs? Measuring your waist is a simple way to gauge your risk. Place a tape measure across your navel. Make sure the tape is snug […]

Utah study reveals gastric bypass surgery keeps the weight off

October 9, 2012

At 270 pounds, Chris Stevenson was in no shape to donate a much-needed kidney to his twin brother, let alone climb the six flights of stairs to his office. The 61-year-old diabetic had also almost given up on seeing his 20-plus grandchildren grow into adulthood. But that was before he had gastric bypass surgery. “It’s […]