Donna Adames
Practice Administrator

The first thing you will notice about Donna is her patience, through thick and thin she will always be there with a kind word of support. Donna is the heart and soul of the practice. As the Practice Administrator, she is charge of all aspects of the practice, including patient acquisition, insurance authorization, clinical affairs and billing.

Donna was born in the Midwest and settled in San Antonio at the age of 2 with her parents and 5 older brother and sisters. Donna’s mother is her heart and soul and she will be the first to tell you where she received her heart and patience from. Donna strives to continue to be as active and passionate as her mother in the years to come; like mother, like daughter.

Donna began her education at UTSA to study nursing and found another passion in the financial avenue. Donna worked with USAA for 11 years, beginning in the customer service training department.  Through the years, she found her calling in Leadership and Teaching.  She found she was able to transform the mindset of the employees to treat each customer as an individual and provide the best service they possibly could.

Donna has worked with TBS since 2007.  She has worked from the beginning with Dr. Patel to begin his private practice and is very proud of how the practice has evolved.  Being a bariatric patient herself since 2007, Donna understands the challenges the bariatric patient faces and strives to have her team not only meet, but exceed their needs.  We are still always amazed by her multi-tasking ability, all the while staying calm, cool and collected.

In addition to her hard work, Donna is the mother of 3 teenagers! Between work phone calls, emails and meetings, Donna balances homework, football, volleyball and soccer while still making time for her pets at home. If she had a penny for every time she was called upon by all those who rely on her she’d be a rich, rich woman! The most amazing thing is all 3 of her children will be the first to tell you that they will always run to her to talk about anything, and even in their teenage years, she continues to be their mother, friend and confidant.

As we welcome you into our practice, we hope you get the opportunity to get to know Donna, as she betters the lives of all of those around her. We are blessed to have that glue in our practice and our lives.

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