Weight Loss Surgery Follow-up care Philosophy

Texas Bariatric Specialists feels that the success of weight loss surgery is graded 30% by the technical aspects of surgery and 70% in a manner which is procedure supported after surgery. What this means is that your immediate weight loss is often determined by how well the procedure is performed and the choice of procedure for a particular patient. However long term goals are best achieved with lifelong support. It is important to stress that if a weight-loss surgery patient were to choose not to follow up with their surgeon it can potentially lead to a potentially life-threatening mechanical or nutritional complication. These complications are independent of the type of procedure performed. Lifelong support is required after lap band, gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy all alike. Nutritional complications after weight loss surgery include vitamin deficiencies, osteoporosis and protein deficiencies.

Texas Bariatric Specialists are very committed to our aftercare program. Our dedication to this mission is exemplified by our network of clinics within South Texas. We feel that if we were able to bring expert care from a centralized location like San Antonio to areas where surgical access of this quality is not always available such as Corpus Christi and Austin that we will be able to improve the likelihood for follow-up. Our commitment to follow-up care is evidenced by our rapidly growing network of clinics throughout South Texas. Our availability for follow-up has been enhanced by:

  • an electronic tracking system
  • online patient support groups
  • Facebook access
  • electronic voice and email messaging systems
  • Twitter
  • practice newsletter
  • local support groups

Support groups are perhaps one of the greatest mechanisms by which patients can learn and exchange information.

You may reserve a support group seat by simply clicking on our monthly calendar found here.