Alyssa , San Antonio, TX – Gastric Bypass Surgery Success Story

Alyssa Moore – “I worked my butt off for this and the surgery was just a tool I used to get where I wanted.”



Highest Weight: 346
Current Weight: 167
Goal Weight: 150
Procedure: Gastric Bypass

Alyssa has struggled with her weight ever since she was a child, around 8-9 years old. She tried numerous attempts to get the weight off, “I’ve tried weight watchers, I’ve tried online trainers, I’ve tried diet and exercise,” but like many other people, all of these attempts would work for a few months and then Alyssa would fall off track and she would regain more than what she had lost.  A few years ago, Alyssa was diagnosed with a non-cancerous thyroid nodule and hypothyroidism which made it beyond difficult to lose weight and no matter how much she tried she could make no progress with her weigh loss.  Finally, Alyssa decided she needed help to meet her weight goals and started researching bariatric surgery.

Alyssa looked into surgery on and off for two years, she booked and cancelled multiple consultations, but finally decided to commit and made phone calls to find the best fit. She came to Texas Bariatric Specialists and met James Houston, PA and “I knew TBS was where I needed to be, he answered every question I had, even if I thought it was a crazy question he always made me feel better.” Alyssa came in initially wanting the Gastric Sleeve, but after discussions with the doctors and even more research she decided to go for the RNY Gastric Bypass and three months after she first arrived at TBS, Alyssa had the RNY done on August 14, 2019 and is thrilled with her decision.  When Alyssa first arrived at TBS she weighed in at 346lbs, day of surgery she weighed 324lbs, and now she weighs in at 167lbs just over a year later.

Alyssa stays motivated because of her family, “I am a mom of 3 and I want to be around a long time for them, so I continue to work out and eat good daily as a reminder to my children what having a healthy relationship with food is.”  Feeling good in her own skin and reaching her goals also keep her motivated. Though she has done amazing it hasn’t always been easy, some days the thought of working out after 8 hours of work and being a mom and wife is the last thing that she wants to do, but she always pushes herself to do it. She also struggled in the beginning with wondering if she made the right decision or if people would think she took the easy way out, but after she saw her success, “I came to the realization I should be proud of where I came and where I am going.” Her hypothyroidism still plays an immense role in her daily struggle with losing weight as well but with this tool she has been able to overcome so much of it and it happy to finally be meeting her goals.

“I feel amazing!” Alyssa stated she has no more back issues and sleeps so much better nowadays.  She said she would absolutely make the decision to have this surgery again and would never regret the choice. She also said to potential patients “If you are on the fence take the leap of faith because the rewards of this surgery are more than I could possibly explain.”

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