Gastric Sleeve Surgery San Antonio

About Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The Gastric Sleeve surgery in San Antonio, also known as the vertical sleeve gasrectomy or laparoscopic vertical sleeve gastrectomy, is a relatively new procedure. The procedure was originally intended for a two step procedure in patients that were so obese that conventional procedures such as the bypass and duodenal switch were too risky. The initial results for these type of patients were quite promising in the initial phase and led investigators to wonder what the results of this procedure would be in patients who were not as obese.

Gastric Sleeve Surgey


Gastric Sleeve surgery involves resecting or removing approximately 80% of the stomach. This is accomplished by using a surgical stapler and a sizing tube which leaves the stomach as the shape of a slender banana. The procedure works by primarily providing restriction. The advantage of this procedure is that the restriction is not as dramatic as seen in the lap band or the gastric bypass. In addition, some of the pioneers in this procedure believe that there are some metabolic advantages with the lap sleeve. These thoughts are based on significantly improved control of diabetes and hypertension without a proportionally significant amount of weight loss.

The advantages of the Gastric Sleeve Surgery over the Lap Band include:

  • Chemical hunger suppression
  • No foreign body
  • No adjustments
  • Easier follow-up
  • Can eat more natural portions
  • No long term risks related to a foreign body such as malfunction, erosion and slippage
  • Reported better weight loss and diabetes improvement

The advantages over the gastric bypass include:

  • No stapling of intestine
  • No dumping syndrome
  • Can eat more “natural” portions
  • Less nutrition
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