Healthy Living: Bariatric Surgery

Sticking to any workout routine takes commitment, but for Desiree Hobson, it took courage. To qualify for bariatric surgery, Desiree underwent behavioral and dietary counseling.

“This is a life change, it’s a major surgery,” said Desiree.

After gaining weight on two previous attempts, Desiree knew it was time to try something different. She decided to get in the weight room.

“I kind of had to kick my own butt and say come on, this time,” Desiree said.

Through a new 12 week exercise program in conjunction with Rochester’s Highland Hospital, Desiree isn’t alone. A fitness coach at the YMCA is helping Desiree develop an exercise program that works for her. With complaints of knee pain, a physical therapist is making sure Desiree doesn’t damager her joints in the process, mixing in some water workouts.

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