Heather now, 138 lbs

Heather then, 272 lbs.

“I needed a personal drill sergeant in my body.”

  • Chose a Gastric Sleeve so she could continue to enjoy her favorite food, venison!
  • Went from craving 2 Large Dr. Pepper’s a day to craving crystal light and water.
  • Her migraines all but disappeared after losing weight and is now completely off her migraine medications!

Gastric Sleeve Surgery San Antonio Success Story Heather *

Gastric Sleeve Surgery San Antonio Success Story Heather said that Drinking 80 ounces of Dr. Pepper a day didn’t seem strange to her.  Read more below…

Heather Durand – Del Rio
“I know I was meant to have bariatric surgery with Dr. Patel.”

Highest weight : 272
Goal Weight (before surgery) – 150 lbs
Current Weight: 138
Bariatric Surgery: Gastric Sleeve on 7/25/12

Drinking 80 ounces of Dr. Pepper a day didn’t seem strange to Heather Durand. She was accustomed to drinking two Route-44 drinks full of Dr. Pepper a day without a second thought. As a child her metabolism kept her thin but her fail-proof metabolism didn’t work forever and, after having two sons, her weight ballooned to 272 lbs. Feeling depressed, she began diet and exercise programs to lose the weight, but after many failed attempts at both weight watchers online and face to face, working out, and rationing her food portions, she gave up.

At 272 lbs, Heather began to stop caring about her weight. It took her 6 months of feeling depressed and unattractive before she began searching for different weight loss options. A few good friends of hers had decided on bariatric surgery, and all were very pleased with their surgeon, Dr. Patel. “I know I was meant to have surgery with Dr. Patel,” Heather recalled. After going to her Primary Care Physician, he also referred her to Dr. Patel without her even mentioning his name! She decided there was no reason to research any other Bariatric Surgeons; she knew it was meant to be.

Attending the free weight loss seminar was “very helpful.” Heather spoke with Dr. Patel’s PA-C, James Houston, at the seminar. Together, they decided the best bariatric surgery procedure for her would be a Gastric Sleeve because she’d be able to continue eating one of her favorite foods – Venison. “That was the deciding factor,” Heather laughs, “being able to still eat deer meat.” When she met Dr. Patel, she was very pleased that he trusted James Houston’s decision for the Gastric Sleeve Procedure. “Dr. Patel was very competent and he had a lot of faith in James.” She also was convinced a Gastric Sleeve was the best bariatric surgery for her because she needed “a personal drill sergeant in my body.” The Sleeve would help her overcome sugary snacks and her favorite unhealthy craving – Dr. Pepper.

Throughout the entire pre-operative process, Heather was very confident that this procedure was right for her. “The only time I was worried was when I was hooked up to the IV at the hospital, but I fell asleep so quickly that there was no chance to rethink it.” Now, post-bariatric surgery, Heather agrees that getting the Gastric Sleeve was the, “best thing I’ve done in my life!” No longer does she indulge on Dr. Pepper, and her body now craves crystal light and water, and she has dropped 18 pant sizes. “My entire family is benefitting from my surgery,” Heather says. She has created more structure in her family’s eating routine and their entire diet has improved.

Additionally, after losing a large amount of weight, Heather’s frequent migraines declined dramatically. She used to take migraine medications and learned from her Neurologist that weight loss reduces migraines. Today, she is completely off her migraine medication. Heather even enjoys shopping for new clothes and looking in the mirror. “I used to have long hair to hide my full face, but now I cut it off to show off my cheekbones,” she says. “I feel like me again!”

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