The chart below compares the Gastric Sleeve with the Gastric Bypass and the Lap Band:

Gastric Sleeve Gastric Bypass Lap Band
Expected weight-loss at 3 years 60-70% 70-80% 50-60%
Need for foreign body None one Yes, band and port
Need for adjustments No No Yes
Stomach size after surgery 200-300 cc 30-60 cc 30-60 cc
Number of years studied <5 years >25 years <10 years in the USA
Reversibility Never Somewhat Yes
Cost $13,500 to $18,000 $18,500-$25,000 $12,000 to $13,500
Insurance Coverage Rare Routine Routine
Hunger Suppression Chemically Chemically Mechanically
Metabolic Benefit Some Significant None
Risk of leak <5% <2% <1%

The risks of Gastric Sleeve Surgery include:

  • Relatively new procedure with no long-term results
  • Most insurance companies do not cover it yet but this is subject to change in 2010
  • Need for B12 supplementation
  • Chronic nausea and vomiting
  • 100% irreversible

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