Jackie now


Jackie then

“I now can run circles around my students who are sometimes more than half my age.”

  • She has dropped 7 dress sizes
  • She is now a novice body builder
  • She is a revision patient

Revision Lap Band Bariatric Surgery in San Antonio Success Story Jackie Wilson*

Prior to having her bariatric surgery in San Antonio, Jackie Wilson had her Lap Band placed in 2010 but it was not yielding any significant weight loss. Now after her Laparoscopic Revision of her Lap Band, she said, “My energy level is through the roof!”

Clothing Size Before Surgery : 22-24
Clothing Size After Surgery : 6-8
Procedure: Revision Lap Band to Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass, February 11, 2015

Mrs. Wilson, Jackie as she likes to be called, came to TBS in 2015 in hopes of having a revision of her Lap Band, which was not yielding any significant weight loss or changes of her co-morbid conditions. She had her Lap Band placed in 2010 and weighed 257 pounds. Being an Army Veteran of 8 years and being employed as a civilian police officer her, weight and limited mobility and body habitus were limiting and detrimental to her law enforcement career.

After her clearance and approval for bariatric surgery in San Antonio was obtained, Jackie underwent a Laparoscopic Revision of her Lap Band and was successfully converted to a Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass on February 11, 2015. Since this time, her health has continued to improve and has done well enough to return back to the workforce in her chosen field of law enforcement. Jackie is now a Federal Law Enforcement Specialist Instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Academy in Georgia. She obtained this position due to her physical prowess and mental tenacity. One of her biggest joys now is running circles around her students, who sometimes are more than half her age. She chuckles because on a routine basis she has to prove to people that she is in her 4th decade of life.

When asked, Jackie attributes her success to finding a practice like TBS that would handle the tough cases and is eternally grateful to Dr. Nilesh Patel for performing the surgery. She also thanks James Houston, PA-C for his continued encouragement and being the Drill Instructor and counselor she needed at times.

Her newest goals are to again regain her certification as an aerobics instructor and teach with her eldest daughter. Currently Jackie is a novice body builder and incorporates Yoga, Zumba, Cycling, and Running into her fitness regimen.

She refuses to weigh herself but states that she is now back to a size 6-8 clothing down from a 22-24. Her energy levels are through the roof and her career has a bright future as her physical fitness will never be questioned again.

When asked if she would have the bariatric surgery in San Antonio all again, she said without hesitation she would. The physical, mental and emotional benefits were well worth any discomfort from surgery. The increases in her fitness, energy levels, and her self-esteem continue to blow her mind and compel her toward her next set of goals.

We as a practice are very happy and proud of Jackie for her accomplishments and wish her continued success.

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