Jessica now, 140 lbs

Jessica then, 272 lbs.

A Whole New World
After surgery, Jessica now:

  • Goes to the gym.
  • Meets friends regularly for social events – dinners, parties, dancing.
  • Is finishing her degree with confidence and ease.
  • Embraces life without fear.

Gastric Bypass Surgery San Antonio Success Story Jessica *

Gastric Bypass Surgery San Antonio Success Story Jessica  had been overweight for most of her life, caught in a vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting, but never achieving her goal of a healthy weight.  Read more below…

Jessica, San Antonio, TX
“I can do anything I want to!”

Previous Weight:        272
Current Weight:          140
Procedure:                 Gastric Bypass Surgery

Jessica had been overweight for most of her life, caught in a vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting, but never achieving her goal of a healthy weight.  A vivacious and outgoing woman with a large circle of friends, she would find excuses not to join her friends at the lake or camping, as her self-consciousness about her weight and low fitness level spoiled the fun for her.  She literally felt like she was missing out on life! She couldn’t avoid photos from a friend’s wedding shower, however, and the dramatic difference between her slim friends’ figures and her own shape finally made Jessica realize she needed to do something for herself.

Searching on the web and asking for references from friends and co-workers, Jessica found Dr. Patel and the positive reviews he has received.

Though she had initially considered Lap Band surgery, Jessica decided on a Gastric Bypass procedure after consulting with Dr. Patel, and discussing with him the details, side effects and suitability of each possible weight loss procedure for her.

She also credits the TBS staff counselors with preparing her for any potential physical and emotional side effects and pitfalls some gastric bypass patients can have.  Prepared for a “dark” emotional period after the surgery, she refused to allow any negative feelings in.  Her recovery was slow, but she kept her goals in mind, working hard to change not only her eating habits, but her lifestyle and outlook, incorporating healthy foods and activities.

Jessica began losing weight steadily, till she reached her current healthy weight of 140 lbs. in September 2011. Asked what she does now she couldn’t do before, her enthusiastic answer is “I go out!”  She has confidence, goes to the gym, and does not feel self-conscious or uncomfortable.

Calling the surgery “life-changing”, Jessica “100% recommends it”, but would tell potential patients to really listen to Dr. Patel and his staff; be prepared for potential pitfalls of temporary physical discomfort and consequences on personal relationships.

Jessica is now finishing her degree and feels great about her new life. “I proved to myself that I can change what I want to change about myself – I can do anything I want to!”


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