Bariatric Surgery Helps Austin Woman With Multiple Medical Conditions

Austin, TX, November 25th, 2013 – Kim decided to look into getting a bariatric surgery to help control her multiple medical conditions that occurred and worsened from being over-weight. She struggled every day to keep up with the many pills used to control her high blood pressure, painful heart burn, diabetes, high cholesterol, obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, and frequent back pain. Kim also had to take daily insulin injections and sleep every night with a CPAP machine on top of taking so many pills throughout the day; dealing with her medical conditions never seemed to end! At close to 270 pounds, her medical conditions seemed to deteriorate as her weight increased and the tasks of being a home maker also seemed to get harder as she got bigger, so she decided to set up a seminar in Austin with Dr. Nilesh A. Patel. Upon arriving to his Austin clinic, she quickly decided bariatric surgery was the right choice for her.

After the seminar, Kim decided to speak with Dr. Patel one on one and together they decided a gastric bypass would help her lose the weight and regulate all of her health problems. Deciding to be a cash pay patient and going around her insurance requirements like doing a monthly diet for a year, she was able to be on the list for surgery quickly. Upon completing her gastric bypass procedure, Kim not only watched her weight dramatically shrink, but saw an overall improvement in her health. Less than a year and a half after her gastric bypass, she had lost over 117 pounds and had already discontinued using her CPAP, taking insulin injections, and her numerous medications including daily PPI’s! She could finally go through the day without having to remind herself to take her pills or insulin shot and slept soundly throughout the night without a CPAP machine to help her breathe. She was instantly excited to shop in the Austin boutiques and find clothes that fit her new, slimmer self. She felt like an entirely new and healthier person and was finally free of the weight and constant pain from the ailments that being over-weight either intensified or caused.

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