Lap Band Surgery – Austin

Discover how Texas Bariatric Specialists can help you lose weight

If you are thinking about having lap band surgery and are in the Austin area, Texas Bariatric Specialists can help you in your journey to a better life.

Lap band surgery is a restrictive type of procedure. It doesn’t use any stapling or re-routing of the gastrointestinal tract. The surgery is relatively safe and minimally invasive. Most importantly it promotes weight loss by reducing food intake.


The Lap Band Procedure

The lap band procedure uses an inflatable constrictive ring that is secured to the upper portion of the stomach. This creates a small pouch that limits the amount of food you can eat. Tubing is connected to a port that is placed under the skin. The size of the ring restriction can be adjusted to allow for the best level of food consumption for you. Your surgeon in Austin will work with you to determine the best level of restriction for your lap band in order to promote weight loss.

Differences between Lap Band Surgery and Gastric Bypass

Lap band surgery is reversible, whereas gastric bypass surgery is typically a permanent procedure.  There can be slippage of the silicone ring, thus resulting in more secondary surgeries with the lap band as compared to the gastric bypass. Appetite suppression is mild and weight loss is typically more gradual with the lap band. Overall, both procedures have their place. Your surgeon in Austin will help you decide whether the lap band is appropriate for you.

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