Weight Loss Surgery Corpus Christi

Texas Bariatric Specialists is conveniently located just outside of the Corpus Christi Medical Center at 2222 Morgan Street. This clinic features the first multi-disciplinary surgical weight loss clinic in Corpus Christi. We are proud to offer convenient weekend appointments with a full spectrum of services.

Given that obesity is a multi-factorial disease, we recognize that a holistic approach is most effective in regaining your health and reclaiming your life. Our Corpus Christi center features:

  • Personalized dieticians and nutritionists to address your metabolic needs
  • Exercise physiologists and personal trainers
  • Physiatrist’s and therapists to assist in eating disorders and poor eating habits
  • Physicians specializing in medical weight-loss offering a complete array of therapeutic options including B12 shots, mesotherapy and physician prescribed low calorie diets
  • Sleep disorder services and programs (sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, insomnia and narcolepsy)

In addition, our Corpus Christi clinic is staffed by Dr. Nilesh Patel. This marks the FIRST practice in Corpus Christi to feature a full-time fellowship trained weight loss surgeon. The doctors of Texas Bariatric Specialists offer collective experience in nearly 4,000 weight-loss procedures.

The Surgical Arm of our Clinic Features:

  • Free Monthly informational seminars
  • Multi-disciplinary surgical evaluations where you meet the surgeon, dietician and psychologist in ONE simple visit
  • The clinic also houses our weekly support groups for post-surgical patients
  • Life-long follow-up programs for ALL patients even those outside our practice
  • Lap Band Fill program

Lap-Band, Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy and Gastric Bypass Surgery

Lap Band, Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy and Gastric Bypass surgeries are conducted at our bariatric center conveniently located right off of I-35 in South San Antonio or off I-35 in the downtown San Antonio area. We pride ourselves in providing the best possible outcomes and the choice of facility plays a vital role in the overall success rates. Southwest General Hospital and Metroplitan Methodist Hospital are our two Bariatric Specialty Hospitals, both are ideal facilities for many reasons:

  • A surgery-only hospital ensures lower infection rates
  • Fast triage if troubles arise as opposed to over-crowded impersonal emergency rooms
  • One-stop service for all your weight loss surgery needs
  • Unmatched nurse to patient ratios
  • Private care

Corpus Christi Lap-Band

Aside from the choice of facility and choice of surgeon, the next most important variable in your long-term success is a comprehensive aftercare program. This is our proudest asset that we have chosen to deliver to Corpus Christi. Our commitment to you and the community is best demonstrated by our free combination of services that we offer to not only our patients but to all patients.

We specialize in surgical weight loss procedures including:

Our aftercare program includes monthly support groups which we hope grows into weekly group meetings, an online support group and a variety of free guest lectures. We are proud to present you a team approach which is unmatched by any program in the area.

Texas Bariatric Specialists--Corpus Christi
2222 Morgan Avenue, Suite 110
Corpus Christi, Texas

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