Weight Loss Surgery Del Rio

Texas Bariatric Specialists and the Lap Band® Surgery Centers of Texas Are Proud To Announce their first Weight Loss Program and Weight Loss Surgery Center along with Lap Band Surgery Del Rio, Texas.

Texas Bariatric Specialists is pleased to offer Weight Loss Surgery in Del Rio, Texas. This exciting event also brings one of the countries most talented physicians Dr. Nilesh Patel, who has performed over 4,000 weight loss surgeries and was recently featured in Newsweek magazine, along with morning talk show appearances, as an ‘all-around’ weight loss expert. “I’m really excited to be heading to Del Rio. I can’t wait to help people win their battles with weight loss. Obesity is not caused by any one thing, but by working with patients we can narrow down the ways to effectively manage their health by creating solutions, thereby allowing them to take control of their lives”, says Dr. Patel.

Am I a Candidate for Weight Loss Surgery?

Will my Insurance cover my Surgical Weight Loss Procedure?

What are my Financing Options for my Procedure?

Texas Bariatric Specialists in Del Rio will specialize in many forms of weight loss methods including the Gastric Bypass procedure, minimally invasive Lap Band procedures, Weight Loss surgery counseling, post operative care, and much more.

Presently our Board Certified, Fellowship Trained, and Centers of Excellence surgeon handles your entire clinical needs including your Lap Band Fills. Dr. Nilesh Patel remains committed to a personalized touch unlike any other program in South Texas.

We specialize in surgical weight loss procedures including:

Call Texas Bariatric Specialists and the Lap Band® Centers of Texas today and be introduced to your no hassle, personalized program for Weight Loss Surgery.

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