Lap Band Surgery – San Antonio

Texas Bariatric Specialists, in the Shavano Park area of San Antonio, has created a comprehensive weight loss program

The decision to look for a surgical option for weight loss is not taken lightly. Most people have tried all kinds of diets with minimal success. It can be very difficult to stick with conventional exercise and diet programs. This is where lap band surgery can become an alternative. San Antonio-based Texas Bariatric Specialists follows a “no exclusion” policy, meaning we have no exclusions pre-set to opt you out of surgery consideration. We’ll determine if lap band surgery is right for you during your initial comprehensive consultation in the San Antonio office.


The Lap Band Procedure

Most lap band surgeries are performed laparoscopically and as such are minimally invasive. Your recovery time is quick and you’ll be back at home the same day in most cases. During surgery a silicone band is placed around your stomach. This lap band is placed to form a smaller stomach area, thus limiting food intake.  A port is placed under the skin for adjusting the amount of fluid in the lap band, which adjusts your level of restriction with food intake. This is a reversible surgery. Food restriction is adjusted based on your specific situation and weight loss goal. To help you in your weight loss quest we’ve created a comprehensive weight loss program that’s custom-made for you.

Your Comprehensive Program – The San Antonio Way

In choosing your program you will have a chance to meet with lap band surgeons, psychologists and nutritional experts in San Antonio. They will start to discuss options with you and help to set realistic goals and activities that will assure you receive the highest level of support. After your lap band surgery, we will make sure you know what to eat and what to do to stay on a healthy weight loss program. You will have the chance to come to monthly support meetings and dedicated weight loss staff are always available for questions. You’ll have multiple checkups with your surgeon for lap band adjustments and health checks. At no point will you be left on your own with questions or without support.

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