Gobble Gobble Turkey Time, 4 Rules to a Healthy Turkey Day!

For many that have just recently undergone lap band surgery we understand the temptation that might have surfaced with the holidays and all. Below are some quick tips for those who have had lap band surgery or just getting ready:

1.) Make fitness part of your holidays. Why not go shopping on Black Friday, the exercise and waiting till midnight will help burn hundreds of calories that can help you create that burn rate needed. Also consider regular walks, bicycling, or jogs.

2.) Try a light breakfast in the morning. Wheat toast, oatmeal, and a glass of soy milk. Using good judgment in the morning may make the afternoon and evening more relaxing and less stressful.

3.) Skip seconds!! Just make turkey salad with the leftovers!!

4.) Easy on the Alcohol. Remember drinks have calories and lots of them. Limiting alcohol consumption will help you be healthier for the holidays and may avoid embarrassing moments.

Whether you had lap band surgery or are just on a regular diet, following some of these rules can help make your holidays both successful and much less stressful.

For information about recipes and sides the Mayo Clinic has an excellent list here:


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