Life After Weight Loss Surgery

At Texas Bariatric Specialists we stand above industry averages and provide support to our patients both before and after weight loss surgery. Men and Women are amazed that they will lose more than 65% of their excess body weight, and stop taking medications for type two diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea.


As part of our all encompassing approach to losing weight we actively manage your progress and followup on all steps of the process towards your success. To maintain that success we request future visits checking in on your progress and offering our support. Follow up visits allow our clinical professionals to track weight changes, nutritional progress, provide support, and offer resources for education.


We are dedicated to your success and have implemented the best modalities that we find to have the highest success ratios. But as part of our standards for maintaing your success we also offer a personal touch that means ‘no one is just a number’, as a patient at Texas Bariatric Specialists we will treat you as family, always ready to help.

Following Up

Whether you had your surgery with us or another doctor means nothing in terms of the quality of post surgical care you would receive from our expert team. It doesn’t matter if you had your lap band fills with another doctor we will treat you. If you have any questions about followup care…Read More


Diet is a large part of your success in both medical and surgical weight loss. Typically after a weight loss procedure patients will undergo a post operative diet that allows them to become used to their new stomach. By working with a dietician and monitoring your diet you will not only maintain a healthy diet but begin to lose weight and feel better than you’ve felt in years…Read More


Having someone to talk to can be essential to helping each other accomplish their goals. We offer a variety of means including support group meetings, gym memberships, and a unique online support group. Support starts with a team not an individual which is why we are here to help…Read More


Establishing new routines are not only good for your brain but also beneficial for your health. We specialize in helping your new lifestyle by adjusting to your new weight and working to maintain success and realize your goals… Read More



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