Marathon a part of Ruthton woman’s journey

American track and field legend Steve Prefontaine once said, “Success isn’t how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.” For Tami Nelson, from Ruthton, that distance could be measured in miles. but even that staggering number would fail to do her justice.

The truest measure of Nelson’s success in life would come from documenting how she has become an inspiration to her family, her community, and, most importantly, herself.

Nelson’s story began when she decided to lose weight and keep it off. Her method was walking and, now, distance running. The result has been 110 pounds lost over the last six years. Along with the weight lost, Nelson has also received more energy in her everyday life and improved self-esteem.

“August 31 of 2006 was the start of my new life,” Nelson said. “Six years ago I had lap band surgery. I started walking but I hit a plateau.

“My oldest son told me my body was used to walking. About two years ago I started running. I never ran (before). I did the Fun Run at the Balaton Fun Fest.”

Since her first organized run in Balaton in 2010, Nelson has gone on to run in several five- and 10-kilometer races and half-marathons. Last weekend, however, Nelson raised the proverbial bar when she ran in and finished her first full marathon.

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