Medical Weight Loss Clinic Success Story – Theresa Keyser

Read the details of a Medical Weight Loss Clinic Success Story patient Theresa Keyser. Learn why Theresa said “I am the person I dreamed to be for so many years.”

Medical-Weight_-Loss-Clinic- Success Story Theresa Keyser CompositeTheresa Keyser

Highest Weight: 279
Current Weight: 180
Goal Weight: 170
Procedure: Gastric Bypass



“I was an emotional eater for a long, long time.” Theresa has been battling with her weight ever since she was a young child. She has always used food to deal with her emotions and that made it near impossible for her to control her weight. Theresa tried countless different methods to try to control her habits and weight loss; Atkins, Weight Watchers, personal trainer with a supervised diet, and even physician supervised diet with medications, but with each new attempt the “results were always short term and disappointing.”

The stress from not being able to achieve, and maintain, the results she was looking for was only making it more difficult, so she decided it was time to reach out for more help. A friend of Theresa’s is a patient at Texas Bariatric Specialists and suggested that Theresa check us out. She had researched TBS a few times but was always too nervous to take the leap. “It’s a big decision to make; a definite lifestyle change.” Despite her apprehension she decided to take the leap and made an appointment. Theresa chose to continue through the process and to go with the gastric bypass because, “I know the temptation is real, I wanted my success to be long term and I know I might not be disciplined enough for the Gastric Sleeve.” She felt that experiencing dumping syndrome if she ate the wrong foods would be helpful to her and keep her more accountable. She had spent too many years eating without feeling full, so on September 13, 2017 she put an end to that feeling forever, and now at just over six months out she is down almost 100lbs and is only 10lbs from her goal weight.

In the beginning, Theresa struggled quite a bit with surgery doubt, “I questioned why I had done this, I cried because the old me no longer had control over my bad eating habits.” She wanted to eat due to stress, just as she had done her whole life, but her new body wouldn’t let her anymore. She always heard that it was a lifestyle change but suddenly these words were very real, and she was scared, but also very anxious, for the future. She also struggled, like many others, with forgetting that she had changed and would look into the mirror and have to remind herself that she was that girl, and she was no longer the girl who would cry herself to sleep each night, “because I felt so ugly and was disgusted with myself.”

She had to learn to retrain her brain to be able to overcome all these struggles and eventually she did. “I am the person I dreamed to be for so many years…my dream really has come true.” She truly feels amazing, so much more energy now, and even sleeps better. This new increased health and her family are what keep her motivated to continue pushing through any other struggles that may arise. She also loves that she feels pretty in her clothes and doesn’t feel she needs to hide behind layers of clothes anymore.

In the end, she is thrilled that she has made this change and despite all the struggles, “I am loving my new tool!” She said she would absolutely do it all again, and she would encourage anyone that is nervous to just make the leap. “What I have gained with my weight loss is more than could be imagined.” She is now eager to start everyday and enjoy her new life. She does want anyone considering surgery to just make sure they are honest with themselves about the changes that they will go through, but then to go for it. “You’ll be so happy you did.”


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