bariatric-surgery-in-san-antonio-phillip-long-afterPhillip now, 195 lbs


Phillip then, 370 lbs.

“I love how I feel these days!”

  • He has lost over 100 pounds in less than 1 year
  • He can now run alongside with his son
  • He no longer suffers from sleep apnea

Bariatric Surgery in San Antonio Success Story Phillip Long*

Feeling his worst with many physical ailments, Phillip decided to have his bariatric surgery in San Antonio.“Without hesitating I would get back on the table to have this new life.”

Highest Weight: 370
Goal Weight: 165-170
Current Weight: 195
Procedure: RNY April 27, 2016

“I’ve been big since birth.” Phillip has been big all his life but his weight became an issue around the age of 5 or 6.  His family owned a meat market so they ate out often which lead to not so healthy foods. Even though throughout his childhood Phillip participated in sports, his weight continued to stack up because he would regularly overeat things like candy, chips, and nachos.  Around sixth grade Phillip’s parents signed him up for Weight Watchers to try to help him gain control over his weight, it worked for a little while, but being young he was able to sneak bad foods and regain all the weight he lost plus some.

As an adult Phillip continued to gain weight and eventually that lead to physical ailments as a result. “I was feeling my worst” Phillip explained “I was constantly dizzy and all around feeling horrible. I had no energy, no stamina, and only wanted to feel sorry for myself for getting so big.” After two ER visits due to chest pains, rapid heartbeat, and sweating, which the doctors attributed to stress and anxiety, Phillip decided it was time to consider a change so he came to TBS.  Shortly after his initial visit he learned that along with sleep apnea he also had diabetes. Upon this discovery, he said “enough is enough” and on April 27, 2016 he had the bariatric surgery in San Antonio.

Phillip has had a few struggles along the way, 45 days after surgery Phillip had a stricture that lead him back to the ER where he was scoped and dilated to reopen his pouch but he was back to normal in just a few days.  Then again, this past Halloween he found himself back in the hospital due to extreme pain when eating and drinking but after minimal testing her was discharged with no answers.  Not feeling satisfied with the results from the hospital he called Dr. Patel and went to see Dr Dill the following morning where she ordered tests to confirm gallstones and scheduled surgery to remove his gallbladder.  While in there she discovered and repaired another stricture and now he is feeling great with zero pain while eating and drinking. He also still struggles with body image issues, he mentioned “I do not see the person I see in pictures. “It took him awhile to realize the person in the mirror was him and he was losing weight.

Even with the speed bumps along the way Phillip says “I wouldn’t change it for my old life.” He is motivated daily by his family especially his son who loves that Phillip can now run along with him as he rides his little tractor around at the house and that they can play without Phillip “crushing” him. He loves how he feels now, getting out of bed in the morning is no longer a chore now that he is getting a good night’s sleep because he no longer suffers from sleep apnea. “I feel rested and ready for the next day.” He can’t wait to lose a few more pounds and start a yoga class to regain flexibility and relaxation in his life.

Phillip would say that for him the easiest part of all has been eating correctly.  He has figured out how to recreate some of his favorite foods into healthy options. For example, he knows he will never be able to indulge in cheesecake again, so he created a protein strawberry cheesecake that he could enjoy. “Low fat, low carb, low sugar, high protein, and it was a great treat.” Though he only got to enjoy two pieces before his family found it and finished it off. He also loves to enjoy a Vanilla Bariatric Fusion or Chocolate Carnivore protein shake daily and they each have an added bonus that they “both cook really well without turning into plastic.”

When asked if he would do it all over again, Phillip answered “Without hesitating I would get back on the table to have this new life.” And to anyone considering the surgery he would tell them to be prepared for the change, plan and start making changes before surgery. “Add healthy foods and juices into your diet leading up to your surgery date and slowly off the everyday garbage you’re used to. It’s not an overnight thing by any means, it’ll take time to accept the change and become that new person. It’s better to do it now rather than when you don’t have a choice.”


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