Comparing Cash Prices – It’s More Than Just Price!

To ensure you’re making the most informed decision as a self-pay patient, you need to ask what is included in the price of your bariatric surgery. Self-pay prices range but finding a low price for your bariatric surgery does not mean that you are getting the most out of that price, for your hospital stay or in your post-op follow-up care.

At Texas Bariatric Specialists, we offer a competitive cash price, not just in price, but what is included for you in the price. We include:

  • Life-long post-operative visits with Dr. Patel after your surgery. Follow-up care with your surgeon is very important. In the first year after your bariatric surgery, up to 70% of your extra body weight will be lost with proper follow-up care!
  • In order to cut down travel costs, we come to you! We have nine weight-loss clinics across South Texas to make sure you have easy access to your surgeon.
  • Dr. Patel is the only surgeon in South Texas who provides exclusive BLIScare to his cash pay patients! This unique benefit is priceless. See our BLIScare page for more information.
  • Up to three night stay in the hospital depending on your procedure. If your stay is extended, BLIScare covers it! See our BLIScare page for more information.
  • Testing associated with your hospital stay including anesthesia, lab, and radiology fees.
  • 6 months of free band adjustments.
  • Follow-up with our dietician for 90 days after surgery.
  • One of the most competitive prices in South Texas for your pre-operative behavioral health and dietary evaluations.
  • Tax benefits! Many post-operative patients are able to receive tax benefits by self-paying for their weight loss surgery. Most of the time, a letter explaining why bariatric surgery was medically necessary can generate a tax deductible write-off. Click here for more information on tax deductions.

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Have you asked your surgeon what is included in the price of your weight loss surgery? It not, you should!