Season now, 158 lbs


Season then, 294 lbs.

“I am now able to regain my passion for running!”

  • No longer has to sit down and do the splits to tie shoes!
  • Wearing size small in women’s scrubs!
  • Beginning to get involved with Kickboxing and Zumba!

RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery Success Story Season Terrell from Corpus Christi, TX *

“I can go to Wet Seal now and buy the clothes I want to wear!”

Highest Weight: 294
Current Weight: 158
Goal Weight: 175
Procedure: RNY Gastric Bypass on 11-26-12

Growing up, Season was not well versed in dealing with weight issues. She had a Swedish Grandmother who was aware of the importance of a healthy diet. She would grow fresh fruits allowing Season to indulge herself with proper eating habits. Bariatric surgery became an option to Season after she had given birth to two health babies and noticed her weight would not go down. She felt as if her job as a medical assistant would help her lose the baby weight, “walking 5 or six miles a day” but that was not the case. Season was soon diagnosed with a fatty liver, high blood pressure, and hypertension. Never having been over one-hundred and seventy pounds in her life Season now found herself weighing in upwards of two-hundred and ninety pounds.

“I found myself eating out of boredom”, claims Season. Carbs and pasta were some of her weaknesses. Often times she would dream about eating cereal in her sleep, wake up, and go to the kitchen for a late night snack. With a history of depression and anxiety in her family, Season was beginning to feel like a “food addict.” At her heaviest, Season, “would not even notice when (she) would gain or lose ten pounds.” After her cholesterol soared into the four-hundred’s, Season’s doctor knew it was time to make a change.

Her doctor first presented the idea of bariatric surgery to Season and she admits that she was, “Scared at first.” After Season did a little research and came in for a free seminar she knew that surgery was the right choice for her. With a strong family supporting her and the correct state of mind Season was well on her way to losing close to half of her body weight! “I got the RNY bypass because if I was going to have surgery I wanted to go all the way.” By a stroke of luck Season found Dr. Patel through her Tricare insurance. “Dr. Patel is really good”, says Season, almost 2 years after her surgery. Well past her goal weight of one-hundred and seventy-five pounds Season says, “I would do it all over again because of how good I feel now.” She almost feels now that she is too thin!

After her short recovery from her RNY bypass Season found an interest in shopping for new clothes and running, “I hit it hard.” After she began running is when she saw the majority of her weight come off. She has also taken up interests in Kickboxing and Zumba classes, and expressed interest in trying Pilates and cross fit. Her new body still amazes her sometimes. “I use to have to buy 3XL in men’s scrubs for work and now I am a small in women’s!” Finally Season says that she can “Shop at Wet Seal” again.

“Everytime I see my grandparents on skype they comment on my weight and tell me how great I look.” She even is beginning to develop her own healthy recipes, putting a healthy twist on her own protein brownies. “I am able to trick my kids into eating them”, says Season. Season has never felt better and attributes her success to Dr. Patel and herself. She knows how important it is for her long term care and now annually comes back to see Dr. Patel to show off her good looks. “I thought surgery was a cop-out and didn’t want to do it. I now realize that it is absolutely not the easy way out.” Her doctor pushed her to get the surgery and now Season is forever grateful. She is an active member in our support group here at Texas Bariatric Specialists and is always encouraging new patients every step of the way. “People need someone to motivate them and tell them the truth” and here at Texas Bariatric Specialists we are grateful to have a patient who wants to help others reach their weight loss goals like she did.

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