Melissa now, 125 lbs


Melissa then, 300 lbs.

“I lost an entire person in body weight!”

  • Began dating again!
  • Fatty liver, blood pressure, and diabetes are under control!
  • Is actually enjoying exercise!

RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery Success Melissa Kuhn from San Antonio, TX *

“The day I decided to see Dr. Patel changed my life forever!”

Highest Weight: 300
Current Weight: 125
Goal Weight: 125
Procedure: RNY Gastric Bypass 9/10/2012

Melissa began gaining the majority of her weight when she moved from Altus, Oklahoma to San Antonio, Texas in February of 2007. Brought on by stress in her personal and professional life, Melissa began developing bad eating habits and was eating fast food more often than home cooked meals. With no family history of obesity, she was not alarmed by the initial weight gain. As years passed and her weight continued to increase Melissa was feeling increasingly uncomfortable in her own skin. “I was too embarrassed to go anywhere and often times would stay in. I wasn’t even able to sit in a movie theatre chair and was beginning to feel invisible and depressed. “I didn’t want to see my friends anymore; I just wanted to hide away at home, by myself.” Once she was diagnosed as a borderline diabetic with high blood pressure and a fatty liver Melissa’s primary care physician recommended a major diet change. After months and months of strict diet changes, and exercise, she only lost a few pounds and more depression set in. The weight was not coming off fast enough for her doctor to see significant improvements in her health. Her primary care physician became very concerned about her health and recommended that she go see Dr. Patel. Melissa was nervous at first with the thought of gastric bypass bariatric surgery and said, “I tried different diets and exercise, however working out was painful. I was not seeing any results with the different diets/exercise I was trying. I just wanted to give up.” Finally on February 3rd 2012 she decided to give it a shot and see Dr. Patel for a free seminar, which she says “it was the day my life changed forever and I’ll never forget that day!”

Even though she was nervous, Melissa described the free seminar as “A great experience. The entire staff made me feel comfortable, and felt they were all there for me and understood where I was coming from. They answered all my questions and concerns!” After consulting with Dr. Patel Melissa knew that the RNY gastric bypass was for her. “I wanted to drop the weight quickly and after speaking with Dr. Patel I knew that the bypass was the best option for me. Initially I wanted my goal weight to be 115, but Dr. Patel told me that was too much and said we should shoot for 135, but I thought that was too little, so we settled on 125.” She describes her experience with Dr. Patel as “absolutely amazing”, and has been “very happy to have a caring doctor who understands my goals and how important it is for me to reach them.” Melissa says “(she) doesn’t know many doctors who would stick with her as closely and as long as Dr. Patel has.” As her surgery day approached Melissa, like every patient, attended a 2 week pre-operative class to get ready for surgery. She received a binder with all the diet guidelines in it that she refers to as her “Diet Bible.”

Soon after her surgery Melissa began seeing noticeable differences in her lifestyle and fully embraced the idea that bariatric surgery is a “lifestyle change and not a temporary fix.” She describes the difference from before surgery to after as, “the difference between night and day.” She is now able to go out in public and not feel embarrassed. Her family doesn’t even recognize her anymore and can’t believe that she is continuing to lose weight. Once, while shopping for groceries Melissa’s own son walked right by her in the aisle and was still astounded at how good his mother looked. “I can’t even recognize you anymore” said her son. Her whole family is very proud of her and is very happy to have her back to her smiling, happy, and confident self again. The lifestyle that Melissa has embraced has been one to admire. She has changed her hair color, started doing her nails, going out with friends, and even began dating again (which she has done in over 7 years). Her waist size has dropped from a size 28 in women’s to a size 3, she went from 300 pounds to 125 pounds. She lost 175lbs “I lost a whole person!” Her fatty liver has is now considered normal, blood pressure is back to normal levels, and she is no longer considered a borderline diabetic. Melissa no longer has to take any medication for her high blood pressure nor diabetic medication. Melissa says, “Almost all this happened immediately after surgery.”

Her weight did plateau after the first year and she was not where she wanted to be yet, but Dr. Patel stuck with her and guided her on different ways to kick start the weight loss again. Melissa said “He was very supportive and didn’t give up on me. We figured out that I wasn’t actually eating enough!” After Dr. Patel and Melissa figured that out, he helped adjust her diet to meet her body’s needs. “How many Dr.’s would take the time to sit and figure that out, and then guide you in the right direction?” she said. “All you have to do is stick with him and he will ensure you meet your goals like I did, stay with the program, use your “diet bible” and change your lifestyle, for a brand new you!” She has also acquired a taste for fresh foods and even new foods she didn’t like before. She feels and looks incredible.

Here at Texas Bariatric Specialists we are lucky to have Melissa as a role model for other patients. Her determination and willpower to change her life has been a great example for other patients. She continues to see Dr. Patel on a regular basis and stay consistent with her weight goals.

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