medical weight Loss clinic san antonio success story c apolinar

Transform Your Life with the Medical Weight Loss Clinic of Texas Bariatric Specialists – Dr. Nilesh Patel in San Antonio

Transform Your Life with the Medical Weight Loss Clinic of Texas Bariatric Specialists – Dr. Nilesh Patel in San Antonio! Meet Chris, a real-life success […]

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medical weight loss clinic in san antonio success story

TBS – Medical Weight Loss Clinic in San Antonio posts newest Weight Loss Testimonial

Texas Bariatric Specialists a premiere Medical Weight Loss Clinic in San Antonio is proud to post our latest Weight Loss Testimonial by Alyssa Ortiz. “It […]

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Bariatric Surgery San Antonio Salvador Onofres

Bariatric Surgery San Antonio Salvador Onofres – Nilesh Patel

Read the details about Bariatric Surgery San Antonio Salvador Onofres success story. Learn why Salvador said, “this surgery will be the best decision you will […]

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gastric sleeve surgery shiela success story

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Success Story of Sheila Willis

“If I had known how much this surgery would improve in terms of quality of life, I would have done it long before.” – Sheila Willis

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Gastric Bypass Surgery Allysa

Gastric Bypass Surgery Success Story – Alyssa Moore

Learn why Alyssa said “I worked my butt off for this and the surgery was just a tool I used to get where I wanted.”

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Medical-Weight_-Loss-Clinic- Success Story Theresa Keyser Composite

Theresa Keyser

In the end, she is thrilled that she has made this change and despite all the struggles, “I am loving my new tool!” She said she would absolutely do it all again, and she would encourage anyone that is nervous to just make the leap. “What I have gained with my weight loss is more than could be imagined.”

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gastric-sleeve-surgery-san-antonio-john newton composite side

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in San Antonio Success Story – John Newton*

“This is not cheating, it’s not a fix or cure-all, it’s a lifestyle change.”

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bariatric-surgery-san-antonio-mary diaz

Mary Diaz

Mary, like so many others, has spent the majority of her life trying to lose weight. After Mary’s second pregnancy, she did not have the weight loss that she had after her first pregnancy and started seeing the weight come back on. Mary got the lap band and lost only 36 lbs. before she started experiencing complications. She ended up having a chronic slip and was never able to get it back to working properly for her. After five years of battling with the band, Mary decided there had to be another option, so she set out to find something better. Mary decided that Dr. Patel was the answer she needed. After meeting with Dr. Patel, he agreed to remove her band and do a RNY. So on December 28, 2015, that’s exactly what he did. Now, Mary is just a year out from surgery and has already lost almost 100lbs.

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Mary McKaskle

Growing up Mary was always the chubby kid. She was taught by her grandmother, who survived the Great Depression, that she needed to clear her plate which played a large roll in her weight increasing throughout childhood. As an adult Mary tried everything and anything to lose weight but never had any luck so she stepped out of her comfort zone and started considering weight loss surgery. She had a Gastric Bypass on 1/23/12 and lost a total of 155 lbs.

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Isaac Villegas

After multiple failed weight loss attempts over the years Isaac finally hit his limit at the end of 2015. “I could not walk, stand or carry my then 2 year old for more than five minutes!” He also became embarrassed that he was often told by people that he needed to stay home when they were going out because he wouldn’t be able to keep up with them. So on July 20, 2016 Isaac took the biggest step in his journey and went into surgery for the gastric bypass bariatric surgery in San Antonio, and in the last five months he has already seen a huge change.

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