Phillip Long

“I’ve been big since birth.” Phillip has been big all his life but his weight became an issue around the age of 5 or 6. His family owned a meat market so they ate out often which lead to not so healthy foods. As an adult Phillip continued to gain weight and eventually that lead to physical ailments as a result. “I was feeling my worst” After two ER visits due to chest pains, rapid heartbeat, and sweating, which the doctors attributed to stress and anxiety, Phillip decided it was time to consider a change so he came to TBS where he discovered he has sleep apnea and diabetes. Upon this discovery he decided “enough is enough.”

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Buddy Ligon

Buddy started experiencing health problems due to his weight when he was in his 40s, but that was after he had already spent most of his life overweight. He began dieting when he was in his teens and tried so many different diets and programs over the years in order to lose weight but was never successful long term. On February 5, 2014 Buddy changed his life forever and got the Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass. He felt that with all he had tried and with his health concerns this was not only the best option, but for him, it was the only option. Buddy has definitely had his ups and downs, but even with his continued struggles, Buddy says that he would “ABSOLUTELY with no hesitation” do it all again. He would not change a thing and would not do anything but the bypass again.

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Jackie Wilson

Mrs. Wilson, Jackie as she likes to be called, came to TBS in 2015 in hopes of having a revision of her Lap Band, which was not yielding any significant weight loss or changes of her co-morbid conditions. She had her Lap Band placed in 2010 and weighed 257 pounds. Jackie underwent a Laparoscopic Revision of her Lap Band and was successfully converted to a Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass and since this time, her health has continued to improve and has done well enough to return back to the workforce in her chosen field of law enforcement.

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Alecia Pemberton

Growing up Alecia was never overweight! However, after having children and being a stay at home mom, Alecia, began gaining weight. She decided to change her life by seeing James at one of his seminars and never looked back! With bariatric surgery, Alecia has lost over one hundred pounds and is excited about staying healthy!

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Wenona Parmer

When Wenona Parmer was growing up she was always the heavy kid. After a lifetime of ignoring her weight she decided to do something to change! Now that Wenona has gone through her gastric bypass surgery, she has lost thirty-three percent of her body weight and is looking to lose more!

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Raul Diaz

Raul Diaz grew up indifferent to his large weight, but as he got older he was making frequent visits to his primary care physician for follow-up on his high blood pressure and diabetes. When his doctor told him he didn’t think he’d live past fifty years old, Raul knew it was time to get help. Now, one year after making the decision to get a RNY, Raul has lost over 240 lbs!

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Thomas Pfannstiel

As a child Thomas never had issues with his weight. However, when tragedy struck his family Thomas was unable to cope with the side effects of his depression and his weight became uncontrollable. Reaching a maximum weight of over 400 pounds Thomas decided to change his life and see Dr. Patel. He has now lost over 200 pounds and is looking forward to a full, active, and healthy life.

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Linda Ellis

After a neck injury in 1995 Linda Ellis slowly began gaining weight. She didn’t think much of her initial weight gain at the time. However, Linda eventually found herself weighing over three-hundred pounds and suffered from multiple co-morbidities including being a border-line diabetic and having high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. After she decided to see Dr. Patel Linda lost over a hundred pounds and is on track to living the life she had before becoming obese.

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Judith Pusch

As a kid Judith, Judy, began struggling with weight issues after her swim team relocated to an area further away than she was willing to drive. She made a habit of coming home after a long day and eat until she was stuffed. After being diagnosed with high blood pressure and struggling after doing everyday tasks she decided to see Dr. Patel. A year after her weight loss procedure Judy has lost over a hundred pounds and participates in different relay races around Texas!

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Melissa Kuhn, 45, San Antonio Texas

Melissa began gaining weight in 2007 when she moved to South Texas. Her weight gain was brought on by lack of discipline and stress in her personal and professional life. Once she was diagnosed with a fatty liver, high blood pressure, and became a border line diabetic Melissa decided to see Dr. Patel. She has now lost over half of her body weight and began dating and socializing once again!

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