Diana Lopez, San Antonio TX

Struggling with weight all her life, Diana was “the fat kid” and “felt awful every day of her life, assuming that was the way it would always be. After losing 175 pounds, she is now the happy healthy mother of two energetic boys!

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Robert Hunsucker

As he matured, Robert’s health began to deteriorate; “the older I got, the more mortal I was becoming”, he noted. He developed diabetes, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar and became what he knew to be a high insurance risk – “a walking time bomb”! He now walks 7 miles a day!

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Jessica, San Antonio, TX

Jessica felt like she “was missing out on life”, as her 272 lbs. and resulting poor fitness made her self-conscious, taking the fun out of going out. Now, at a beautiful and healthy 140 lbs, she is going out, finishing her degree and says “I can do anything I want to”!

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Abraham, Austin, TX – Gastric Bypass Surgery Success Story

Abraham Weaver – Went from being heavy all of this life and eventually being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure to 160lbs and a 30 inch waist. He now rides roller coasters with his son, and shops for designer jeans on a regular basis.

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