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TBS – Medical Weight Loss Clinic in San Antonio posts newest Weight Loss Testimonial

Texas Bariatric Specialists a premiere Medical Weight Loss Clinic in San Antonio is proud to post our latest Weight Loss Testimonial by Alyssa Ortiz.

“It may be hard in the beginning, but I promise it is all worth it.” – Alyssa Ortiz

Weight Summary

Highest weight – 303
Surgery Weight – 292
Current Weight – 172
Goal Weight – 155

Her Story 
To a lot of people, they think that when it comes to being overweight or needing a life changing surgery you have to have an underlying condition but that is not always the case. Sometimes getting surgery is about preventing diseases. Dr. Patel is honored to share this Gastric Bypass success story of Alyssa Ortiz who struggled with overeating and binge eating for many years. Alyssa, like many others, struggled with her eating habits all her life. Her eating habits included eating when she was bored or depressed and would eat until she was sick. It wasn’t until she graduated high school when she noticed it was a huge problem. Her clothes stopped fitting her, she got to a 4XL in shirts and a size 22 in pants. One day she looked at herself in the mirror and felt she looked unhealthy.
Alyssa and her mother had talked about seeking help, but it took a few months before she made the leap. She initially reached out to people who also had this type of surgery, explored her options and finally her mother told her, “Whenever you’re ready to do this let me know.” In December of 2020, she attended one of our seminars, did the pre requirements for surgery and by June of 2021 she had her Gastric Bypass.
Alyssa’s highest weight was 309lbs. Just a little over a year after her bypass surgery she is now weighing 172lbs. She’s just a few pounds shy of her goal weight of 155lbs.
“My journey is going amazing; I still have downfalls but nothing I cannot push through. I keep the weight off by watching what I eat and working out. A lot of what I eat includes protein shakes. For those thinking about having surgery, do it! It may be hard in the beginning, but I promise it is all worth it. Definitely stick to your vitamins, shakes and don’t give up!”


Texas Bariatric Specialists is not just a Medical Weight Loss Clinic in San Antonio, it is a long-term partner for good health, and is committed to its patients for life.

medical weight loss clinic in san antonio

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