Want to Lose Weight? Up Your Chances of Success With These 6 Foods

Losing weight and keeping it off has never been easy. Oftentimes, it seems that every corner you turn, there are obstacles to keep you from your goals. Many factors are to blame, from the company you keep to the line of work you’re in. Increased variety in stores plays a role in our obesity epidemic, as does the increased availability of getting from point A to point B (motorized scooters, elevators, etc.) One of the biggest mysteries surrounds food — what to eat, what to avoid, when to eat and how much. Deceptive food labeling, which can make unhealthy food seem healthy, adds to this confusion, as do so-called “diet foods,” with their multitude of ingredients, many only recognizable by a chemist. What if there were a few diet-friendly, or, rather, diet-perfect foods that helped you lose weight? What if we all went back to the basics and ate food with fewer ingredients? Here are six foods that can help you to satisfy your cravings, keep you full and ultimately arm you with the tools you’ll need to finally fight the biggest battle of them all!

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